In the catalogue of timber building components, these components have been reviewed to consider thermal, acoustic, fire performance requirements as well as ecological drivers.

dataholz.com provides architects, designers, building authorities and builders with a collection of data regarding thermal, acoustic, fire performance requirements as well as ecological drivers for materials of approximately 1000 timber constructions and component connections. All the approved parameters have been published with the consent of accredited testing institutes and are accepted by Austrian building authorities without further testing or proof.

This digital catalogue of reviewed timber constructions represents an absolute novelty in the construction industry. Expensive proofs regarding fire, thermal and acoustic performance by the user can be substituted by a reference to or a submission of these datasheets. The utilization of timber in building construction is easily facilitated and the planning phase for a project shortened. Documents required to demonstrate compliance with building codes are available with one mouse-click.

Since the catalogue is implemented using a database, users can quickly and easily access the information required by selecting a construction or a parameter relating to thermal, acoustic or fire performance. The content of the catalogue is continuously being updated and expanded.

The content is being provided by six testing and research institutes under the leadership of Holzforschung Austria and commissioned by the association of the Austrian wood industry (sector-group construction). The project is being marketed by proHolz Austria.


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Holzforschung Austria - Austrian Forest Products Research Society
Franz Grill-Straße 7
A-1030 Wien

Tel: +43 (0) 1 798 26 23-0
Email: hfa@holzforschung.at

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Mag. Reinhard V. Mosser (chairman)
Dipl. Ing. Dr. Manfred Brandstätter (chief executive officer)
Tel: +43 (0) 1 7982623-0
Email: hfa@holzforschung.at

Landespolizeidirektion Wien, Referat Vereins-, Versammlungs- und Medienrechtsangelegenheiten, 1010 Wien, Schottenring 7-9

Field of expertise:
Research institute and accredited testing and inspection body for the wood industry.

Aim of the Website:
Promotion of wood science and research


Project management for the whole project
Association of the wood industry / Professional sector: Construction
Schwarzenbergplatz 4, A-1030 Vienna
Mag. Dieter Lechner

Project management: Contents
Holzforschung Austria
Franz Grill-Straße 7, A-1030 Vienna
Dipl.-HTL-Ing. Peter Schober
DI Sylvia Polleres

Project management: Marketing
proHolz Austria
Am Heumarkt 12, A-1030 Vienna
Dipl.-HTL-Ing. Alexander Eder

Project partner
HFA – Holzforschung Austria
Franz Grill-Straße 7, A-1030 Vienna

IBS –The Institute for Fire Protection and Safety Research (IBS)
Petzoldstraße 45, A-4017 Linz

Municipial Department 39/Testing and reseach institution of the city of Vienna
Rinnböckstraße 15, A-1110 Vienna

TGM Institue of technology for thermal and acoustic performance
Wexstraße 19 - 23, A-1200 Vienna

IBO – Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building
Alserbachstraße 5/8, A -1090 Vienna

Technical University-Graz/Laboratory for building physics.
Institute for building construction and industrial construction
Inffeldgasse 24, A- 8010 Graz

Web-based implementation
nu GmbH
Weidachstraße 6, A-6900 Bregenz
DI Dr. Gerhard Schwärzler
modulor – Informationsarchitektur und Design
für digitale Medien

Mag. (FH) Andreas Niederer

Communications consulting and design
Gassner Redolfi KG
Reinhard Gassner
Waldrain 24, A-6824 Schlins

Project financing
Association of the wood industry / sector group construction
Schwarzenbergplatz 4, A-1030 Vienna

proHolz Austria
Am Heumarkt 12, A-1030 Vienna

Austrian association for prefabricated houses
Fertighauspark »Blaue Lagune«, Verwaltungsgebäude 1. Stock, A-2334 Vösendorf info@fertighaus.org

Federal guild of master carpenters
Wiedner Hauptstraße 63, A-1045 Vienna baunebengewerbe@bigr4.wko.at

proHolz Styria
Körblergasse 111-113; A-8021 Graz

State guild of master carpenters, Styria
Körblergasse 111-113, A-8021 Graz

Provider of grant
itf - Innovations- und Technologiefonds Forschungsförderungsfonds für die gewerbliche Wirtschaft
Kärntner Straße 21 - 23, A-1015 Vienna

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