Construction Component Naming Conventions        
Class of construction components
aw External wall
iw Internal wall
tw Compartment wall
gd Intermediate floor
dd Ceiling towards attic
td Compartment floor
kd Floor above basement
sd Pitched roof
fd Flat roof
Construction types
r Timber frame construction
m Solid wood construction
s Exposed beam / exposed rafter
x -
Number of building component
01, 02, 03, ...
Variation of building component
00, 01, 02, ...
Type of lining
a Single lining
b Double lining
Construction design
external/on top
h with ventilation
o without ventilation
t dry (dry building)
n wet (wet screed-, flowing screed)
x -
Facade and roofing
p Plaster
h Wood & Wood-composites
z Roof tiles/concrete roof tiles
b Sheet metal/plastic
g Green roof
x -
Construction design
i with dry lining
o without dry lining
a suspended ceiling
n not-suspended ceiling
x -
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